10 Good Reasons to Keep Learning

Many of think that learning stops once we finish school or university but scientists are continuing to discover the importance of learning in brain function and our mental health.


Here we share 10 reasons to explore, discover and enrich your world.


1. Avoid boredom

It’s easy to become disinterested and unmotivated when we’re not stimulated. Boredom is one of the main causes of bad decisions.


2. Maintain brain health

You exercise your body why not your brain? Keeping your brain in top health will ensure you’re a sharp and agile thinker.


3. Enhance your career

Continuous learning in the workplace is now a given if you want to be considered for promotion or more senior roles. Don’t limit your learning to work however, why not try a new skill such as pottery, painting or learn to rock climb. You’ll never know what new opportunities may arise.


4. Be a role model for your children

While the children may be moaning about going to school, try and place a more positive spin on learning and help them to see it as something positive and nurturing for the soul. Seeing parents taking joy from learning will help to reframe their perspective.


5. Deter the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease

It has been shown that keeping the brain active through learning is a key driver in deterring the onset of Alzheimer’s as well as slowing the progress of this and other.


6. Stay current

Keep in touch with the changing world and embrace new ideas rather than living in the past. This will not only bridge the gap with children and grandchildren it will provide a wealth of interesting conversation with friends and colleagues.


7. Take that hobby further

Do you enjoy gardening? Why not enrol in a short course to help you take this above weeding and clearning. Love to cook? Why not treat yourself to that French cookery course… in Provence.


8. Improve your problem solving

Just consider all the creative and amazing solutions you’ll find to everyday problems with your new outlook and skills. Just by taking a broader view new opportunities and results will come your way.


9. Keep up to date with Technology

Love it or loathe it technology is moving ahead at an extraordinary pace. Make an effort to stay up to date so you don’t get left behind.


10. Those you admire are doing it too

Anyone at the top of their field is on a path of continuous learning. Why not join them and indulge your passion.