5 Ways to Embed a New Habit

To establish a new habit, we need a certain amount of discipline. There are however some tricks to make the process easier, whether it’s adding something new to your life or stopping something you’ve been doing for years, we’ve put together some tips and tricks to make things easier.


1. Remove Temptation

If you planning to stop an activity, then remove the temptation around you. Less on-line shopping? Just cancel the credit card. Want to eat better? Throw out the junk food from your fridge and cupboards. By removing the obstacles, we make achieving the goal so much easier.


2. Start Simply

Don’t try to make huge sweeping changes all at once.  Start slow and build towards your ultimate goal. If you’ve always wanted to run a marathon, start with the 5km fun run. This will not only build your confidence; you’ll be physically and mentally more prepared.


3. Be Consistent

We know that sometimes life gets in the way, and that’s ok, but try to maintain consistency and regularity with your new habit. If you want to perfect that headstand, then find the yoga classes that work for your schedule and stick to them every week.


4. Replace what you’ve lost

If you’re stopping a habit, then replace it with something else. If you’re stopping wine with dinner every night, replace with a nice quality sparkling water and follow dinner with a delicious herbal tea. Breaking the Netflix habit? Pick up those books you’ve been wanting to read and join a book club to hold yourself accountable.


5. Grab a Buddy

Sharing with a friend or partner can help enormously when your motivation dips. The bonus is you’ll strengthen and deepen relationships with a shared goal.


Good luck and have fun!