6 Most Common Running Errors

If you’re a runner then this is a must-read list for you!


We have isolated the 6 most common running errors that can lead to injury. By correcting bad habits early on you can avoid pain and ensure a safe, efficient running style.


We start our list with the easiest through to the hardest to correct:


1. Overlapping Feet

When your feet cross the mid-line this increases stress from the arch to hip on all structures. Try to keep feet either side of median line – imagine running down middle of road white stripes in centre.


2. Hunched Upper Body

Here shoulders sit forward due to tight and overactive pectoral muscles. Back extension exercises will help to strengthen the back and stretch out the chest.


3. Single Heavy Foot

An indication of asymmetry with one side being dominant. This is often a result of an old injury being protected. Try to listen for the sound of each foot hitting the ground.


4. Lazy Lifting

Keeping the raised foot too close to the ground and the knee too straight during the swing phase makes the body work harder and is more inefficient. Consiously lift the knee with each stride.


5. Foot Flicking Behind

This one can be harder to change because you’re unable to see it yourself and it’s a very fast movement.  A slow-motion video will show up any foot flicking that may be taking place. This is often revealing of various existing muscle imbalances.


6. Over-Striding Front Foot

It is a very natural feeling to over-stride which makes this difficult to correct. Placing the foot too far in front results in landing on the heel (not the centre of the foot) and can result in painful jarring into the leg together with an ‘oval’ movement pattern. Try to think of running ‘light’ to prevent this.