Avoiding Common Injuries

The top 3 exercise injuries and how to prevent them.


We all know how great we feel when we exercise regularly and how an injury can derail both our motivation and progress. Here are some quick tips to help you stay on track and avoid common injuries.


  1. Back Strain: With the amount of sitting over a desk, phone and driving we do it’s no wonder our backs are weakened. Start a program to strengthen the back muscles and the core muscles that support the lower trunk. When lifting, always bend the knees to reduce strain. When bending down, even brushing your teeth over the sink, bend the knees, tilt from the hips and tighten the tummy.
  2. Shoulder Injuries: With the wide range of motion through the shoulder joint it’s no surprise that injuries can easy occur to the rotator cuff, etc. Build stability through strength slowly using resistance bands and light weights. Improving posture will have the body aligned as it was designed.
  3. Knee Damage: Many of us have experienced pain, injury and possibly surgery to one or even both knees. Strengthen and stabilize this joint with work on the quads and the many smaller muscles surrounding the knee, plus the glutes and core muscles. A strong core and glutes will provide stability through the pelvis which then stabilizes the knee.


Prevention is always better than the long road of recovery. Stay strong and stay supple.