Maximise Your Hydration

We all know it’s important to drink water to stay hydrated but when are the best times to drink so we maximise the effect on our bodies and minds (and avoid late night bathroom visits!).


Eight glasses per day is widely considered the optimal amount to be drinking. If the weather is particularly hot or you are taking part in more than mild exercise, then this amount should increase.


When to drink? Use this as a guide:


Upon Waking:
Drink 2 glasses of water, ideally room temperature (optional slice of lemon).
* Helps to eliminate toxins
* Rehydrates the body and brain
* Kick starts your metabolism
* Stimulates your digestive system


Drink one glass of water.
* Keep skin hydrated and plump
* Lubricate joints and cartilage
* Can help to curb any early sugar cravings


Before Lunch:
Drink one glass at least 30min before lunch (avoid drinking with lunch).
* Boosts mental activity by up to 30%
* A metabolism boost for the next 30-40minutes.


After Lunch:
Drink one glass at least 30minutes after eating.
* Increases the production of blood and muscle cells
* Keeps internal organs functioning at optimal levels.


Drink one glass of cold water.
* Cold water will help to keep you alert and reduce any afternoon fatigue.
* Helps to lower cholesterol production.


Before Dinner:
Drink one glass at least 30 minutes before dinner.
* Helps to reduce the risk of colon cancer and bladder cancers by at least 45%.


Before Bed:
Drink one glass 30minutes before bed at room temperature.
* Helps to eliminate toxins and any inflammation causing bacteria.