Mental Benefits of Yoga

We all hear about the fabulous physical benefits that we get from regular yoga, but how does yoga help our mind?


1. Calms the Nerves: Yoga moves you from sympathetic (flight or flight) to the parasympathetic (rest and digest) state. Deep breathing helps us to transition to a state of relaxation and thus reducing stress.


2. Builds self-trust and confidence: Yoga is all about non-judgement and through this we build trust in ourselves. This results in greater confidence through which we develop a balanced sense of self and balanced ego.


3. Better relationships with loved ones: Being more centred reflects on those around us. We are more likely to react in a calm and measured way, replacing the angry outbursts of old.


4. Promotes clear thinking and concentration: Removing emotional reactions and moving into the parasympathetic nervous system helps us to make rational, logical decisions and improves concentration.


5. Relaxation and sleep improvements: The practice of breathing techniques and the ability to calm the mind helps to improve the length and quality of our sleep.