Our 3 top tips to maintain a healthy body

Life is busy. It seems now we have less time than we did 10 years ago. So how do we maintain a healthy, active body and mind the older we get?


It’s time to put a few key habits in place to ensure we maintain the healthy body and a strong, sharp mind.


1.  Maintain a strong core.

Yes, you guessed it – more plank poses! A strong core will not only help to prevent back and neck pain, it will make almost every functional movement easier and more fluid. Start slow, knees on the ground and build it up.


  2. Upper body strength training.

Maintaining muscle mass becomes more important the older we get, so including upper body weights will keep you strong.


  3. De-stress.

Easier said than done, we know. Reduce your cortisol spikes through regular yoga and a balanced healthy diet. Laugh, connect and breathe deeply.


Now you have it sorted.