Reframe your Excuses…

Sometimes the excuses not to exercise come to us much too easily.


Here are our 3 most common that we’ve re-framed and added in solutions.


I’M TOO BUSY: This is probably the most common of all the excuses that pop up. Just remember, anything is better than nothing – so even if you can squeeze in just 10 minutes, it’s a bonus. Also, try booking in your classes, this way other things will work around these appointments. Make your health a priority.


I’M TOO TIRED: This one usually follows swiftly on from ‘I’m too busy’. Remember, exercising will actually give you more energy. Reframe ‘I’m too tired’ to ‘this will make me feel energised and refreshed’.


I’M NOT FIT/FLEXIBLE ENOUGH: Yes you are! Everyone starts somewhere and each person has things they find difficult and things they find straightforward. Getting started is the hardest part, but the good news is that you just have to do that once. Get on the path to better health and the benefits will follow.