We all know the importance of resilience but sometimes life throws a curveball and stops us in our tracks. So, is it possible to move on and how do we keep going?


Stories abound of people who have experienced financial ruin, war zones, abuse, devastating grief or tragic health events. It can be hard to believe that anyone can come out of these situations alive, but if you can search inside and dig out a grain of hope that things can get better and that you genuinely want things to improve, then you’re definitely on the right path.


The first step in bouncing back is to tell someone the story out loud and be heard by them. This is the first step to letting it go; to experience feedback and move forward. In many situations, (particularly in situations of abuse) women will often bottle up their experiences and internalise them, which then affects their beliefs and how they perceive the world. 


We are also very skilled at telling and re-telling ourselves the story of the situation that has happened and there can then be a tendency to get stuck in reliving the event or expecting more of the same to come. This is particularly true when we allow these thoughts to stagnate rather than be released. It’s important to just let it go. Take a moment to visualise the problem in a physical form in front of you, then turn your back, stand tall and stride away.


Imagine sucking on a slice of fresh lemon. Notice how your eyes squint, the corners of your mouth pull in, or your mouth waters just at the thought. The same applies with anything that you think of; there is a physical and emotional reaction. Therefore, if you are consumed with thoughts of whatever has happened to you, then it can be difficult to see through to your truth of the current situation, as on some level, you are remaining stuck and reliving the event every time you engage with it.


Just why is it important for us to pick ourselves up and keep moving forward after a setback?

Because life is for living and we’re not here forever. You are in control and if you don’t pick yourself up, nobody else can do it for you. If you want things to change, then the hard fact is, it has to start with you. It’s time to be your own hero. Feeling uplifted and empowered can be yours – you just have to be willing to start.