Skin Stress and how to beat it

When we’re stressed it seems that it all plays out on our skin, whether that’s the onset of adult acne, dark circles or increased dryness and dehydration.


Here are some guidelines on how to tackle stress internally and externally.


Look at your diet. If you’ve seen an increase in white foods, those with flour, yeast as well as sugar, start to cut these down. We’re naturally drawn to these foods when tired and stressed as they provide a short-term energy boost (sadly, not sustainable).  Focus on a diet that is high in antioxidants, including foods such as avocados and sweet potatoes.


Sustain an exercise regimen, but be sure to build in rest periods.  Regular exercise will not only help you to feel better on the inside, you will sweat impurities from your lymph nodes and flood the body with oxygen (internal organs and skin). This process can help to detoxify and clear your skin.


Be gentle with yourself.  Incorporate some yoga, acupuncture or meditation on a regular basis. These have all been shown to reduce stress levels.


Ensure you get enough sleep.  You need to ensure that you give your skin a chance to renew and rejuvenate with plenty of sleep. Try for 8 hours and develop a bedtime routine to ensure this happens.


If your skin still doesn’t respond, consult a healthcare professional. There may be underlying issues such as hormonal concerns or a nutritional imbalance.