The 3 biggest myths about core strength

As you can imagine, discussions about the core are common at Flex Body. We’ve realised that there are many myths circulating, so we thought we’d burst the 3 most common ones we hear.


Myth 1:  The core and the abdominals are the same thing

What we commonly refer to as ‘the core’ is comprised of all the muscles which attach to the hips, spine and pelvis. The purpose of the core muscles is to bring stability to the spine. These include the pelvic floor, diaphragm, deep back and deep abdominal muscles which all work together to bring stability to the spine.


Myth 2:  Ab crunches are the quickest way to a strong core

Doing multiple crunches (or varieties of) feel like we are strengthening all the muscles of the core. Sadly, this is not the case. Crunches will only strengthen the rectus abdominus, the most superficial of the core muscles and the one we see as the six-pack. Overworking this muscle and not working anything else results in poor posture, back problems and muscle imbalances. The best solution to a strong core is to work all the core muscles through a range of different exercises.


Myth 3: Core training will get rid of tummy fat

We wish this one were true! A sensible exercise and diet will help to reduce overall fat in the body which will include the tummy. Working on individual areas of the body will definitely strengthen the muscles in that area but will not impact surrounding fat stores.