The Importance of Hydration

When the weather is cooler our water consumption can drop. To maintain good health, ensure water stays part of your everyday routine.


Hydration Habits

  • Keep a bottle on your desk or in the car
  • Have a glass of water upon waking to re-hydrate the body
  • Add a squirt of lemon or lime juice to add a zesty change
  • Set a reminder on your phone
  • Swap caffeine and soft drinks for herbal teas.


How much should you drink?
For men it is suggested 3 litres per day
for women, 2 litres per day.


How does being hydrated benefit us?

  • Water helps to lubricate & cushion our joints
  • Protects the brain and internal tissues
  • Helps to regulate your body temperature
  • Keeps skin plump and healthy
  • Removes the waste from our bodies.


If you feel dizzy, have low blood pressure, feel tired and have dry skin you could be dehydrated.

Drink Up!