The Wonders of Water

When the weather is cooler we often find that drinking water becomes an afterthought and we drink considerably less that in the warmer months.


Maintaining good levels of hydration is essential for our bodies to function well. Not only can this reduce brain fog but it’s easy to confuse feelings of hunger with feelings of thirst which results in eating more that our bodies need.


Why staying hydrated is important:

  • Water helps to lubricate & cushion our joints
  • Protects the brain and internal tissues
  • Helps to regulate your body temperature
  • Keeps skin plump and healthy
  • Removes the waste from our bodies.


If you feel dizzy, have low blood pressure, feel tired and have dry skin you could be dehydrated.


Top tips to increase your hydration levels:

  • Keep a bottle of water on your desk or in the car
  • Have a glass of water upon waking to re-hydrate the body
  • Add a squirt of lemon or lime juice to perk you up
  • Swap caffeine and soft drinks for winter warming herbal teas.


How much should you drink?

  • For men it is suggested 3 litres per day.
  • For women, 2 litres per day.