Top Tips to Staying Active when Life Gets Busy

Here are our top tips to staying active when things start to get busy or you feel like you’re losing control.


1. Anything is better than nothing.
You may have planned to do that double class or go for a 10km run but that window of time just got squeezed. Don’t feel guilty – take action and do something active. Even it’s taking the dog for a walk or a quick set of 10 burpees, remember… anything is better than nothing!


2. Exercise with a friend.
There’s no better way to keep you on track than exercising with a friend. Not only will you be more likely to stay motivated, you’ll have more fun along the way. If you don’t have an exercise buddy then this is a great opportunity to start a new friendship. Approach someone you see regularly at morning yoga or that familiar face on your morning walk. Turn that shy smile into a conversation.


3. Set a Goal
Whether it’s that fun run in 5 weeks time or balancing in crow pose, setting a goal will provide a purpose when your motivation dips.


4.  Exercise in the morning.
When evenings start to fill up with planned and inpromptu social events, enjoy them even more knowing you’re not missing your regular exercise session.


5. Schedule active catch-ups
Instead of meeting for a coffee chat-up, take a walk and reconnect. Discover a new bush trail together or explore different parts of your local area. You’ll build memories to share. If you’re working, don’t be shy to suggest that meeting with a colleague is taken outside. You may find the atmosphere is more relaxed outside the office environment.