Tried everything and still can’t sleep?

Sleeping well can be tough during these hot nights but for some people this is the norm.


If you’ve tried the usual recommendations (dark room, no caffeine after 3pm etc) with no joy. So what else can you do to get a better nights sleep?
1. Establish a regular sleep routine.
This helps to set your body clock and establish your biological clock. Create a dark space for sleeping and each morning open the blinds and let the morning light shine in.
2. Write down your worries.
For many people, switching of the niggling thoughts and worries is the biggest challenge. Keep a notebook by your bed and write them down. Park whatever is on your mind to be dealt with the next day.
3. Wind down.
Don’t expect your body to go from busy to sleep within 5 minutes. You need to wind-down and set the right agenda for the evening. Have a warm bath, avoid alcohol and read in bed with a soft light. Sprinkle some relaxing essential oils (lavender or chamomile) on your pillow and take a few deep breaths when your head hits the pillow.
4. Stay cool.
Do what you can to keep the room cool. Keep a fan on low, just circulating the air or use air-con to cool the room before bed. Ensure bedding and bed clothes are of breathable fabrics – keep things light and airy.
5. Late time munchies?
If you need a snack before bed avoid the wine and chocolate. Instead choose milk or herbal tea and a few crackers with cheese. A carb and calcium or protein mix contains the amino acid tryptophan. Various studies have shown that both of these combinations boost serotonin, helping us feel calmer.
Sweet dreams…