Why Sociable Exercises Make You Fitter

Going to the gym on a regular basis can be a struggle. Whether you’re busy at work or at home (or both), or you just can’t drag yourself off your sofa to go running, there are hundreds of reasons why we put off exercise.

But still, exercise we must.
So, how can you find an exercise you’ll actually stick at? A new study of more than 1,000 people, from East Anglia University, found you’re more likely to stick with exercise if you’re doing it in a group setting with a sociable element, such as a gym class or a run with a friend, or a game of football with local friends.
The other interesting finding from this study was it’s not just in the field of fitness and sport where a social element maintains interest.
If you take part in a group, club, or community effort, you’ll find it easier to sustain the effort required if you do it with friends. This even applies to traditionally solitary hobbies like gardening.
This effect is especially pronounced in the over 50s, so if you’re looking to stay healthy in midlife, sociable exercise is the way forward.
By Jack Rear, Telegraph UK