Why We Need Resistance Exercise

We’ve all heard that doing resistance work is beneficial, whether it’s using weights, resistance bands or our own bodies.


But what parts of the body does it help?
1. Bones: Resistance exercise helps to build strong bones and with great bone density we can avoid weakened bones and osteoporosis.
2. Heart: Improved heart health comes from including weights or resistance work into your exercise program.
3. Posture: Especially when we work on areas such as core, back and upper body we build strength which in turn improves body alignment and confidence.
4. Muscles: Maintaining muscle mass is crucial as we get older so strength or resistance work 2-3 times per week is necessary. After the age of 30 we lose 3-5% of lean muscle per year, just through ageing.
5. Metabolism: Muscles burn calories even when resting so increasing your muscle ratio will increase your metabolism, making weight loss or maintenance easier.