Are You Healthy The Size You’re At?

How you look in your favourite jeans or dress does not indicate whether your body (and mind) is healthy.


It merely indicates that you are happy with your appearance in relation to the cultural norm. Good health is about so much more than how you look but so often a person’s lead reason to change their dietary pattern is weight loss because their body no longer fits the media-determined mold. How do you tell if you are in good health or not?  You take the time to both self-assess and once a year get your doctor involved if you think it’s necessary. Here are some thought-starters.


  1. Do you feel energised when you wake up and have a good amount of energy and vitality throughout the day?
  2. Are you able to move with ease and without loss of breath?
  3. Are your eyes and skin clear and bright?
  4. Do you have strong teeth, gums, nails and hair?
  5. Is your urine running near to clear or a pale straw colour?
  6. Are your meals digested with ease and do you have regular comfortable bowel movements? (minimal to no gas, bloating, heartburn, nausea or post prandial fatigue)
  7. Are you able to sleep well most nights of the week and attain approximately 7 – 8 hours of restful sleep?
  8. Are you eating 5 serves of vegetables per day?
  9. Are you able to concentrate on a complicated task for up to 1.5 – 2 hours at a time? Do you have a clear and focused memory?
  10. Is your body fat percentage within an acceptable range as indicated by the scientific community?
  11. Are you rarely affected by colds, flu or other infections?
  12. Is your diet primarily whole foods with some processed pantry ingredients used to create nourishing meals?
  13. Is your alcohol consumption in line with recommended intake levels?


Answering NO to any one of these questions could mean your body internally (and potentially your brain) isn’t as healthy as it could be.


If you answer YES to all these questions, then its potentially time to get off the weight loss merry go round and enjoy your body as it is, rather than constantly aspiring to move it as close to the media and fashion house-created supermodel norm.


If you would like some advice and help to modify your diet and lifestyle, please contact us.